NYC Furries is home to the first authentic furry convention in NYC. Finding other furs in the "Big Apple" can be hard, which is why it's OUR goal to make it easy. Located in one of the greatest cities in the world, our group boasts a strong member count that you have probably never even knew about. This site is proud to offer integrated social connection so you can interact with your fellow peers from all over the city. Be sure to keep track of events we host or even host your own! Stay tuned for all sorts of news regarding the group, our con, and more!

The New York furry community

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New York City

Our goal is to create and host New York City's first authentic furry convention. Through this website and other social media platforms, you will have the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow furs from NYC and the surrounding boroughs.

Connect With Furs from the
Entirety of New York State

Not from New York City? No problem! Plenty of our members are from all over New York. We have members from all corners of the state. You may even find a fellow furry near you!

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Become a part of our constantly growing family! Create a blog of your own to help keep up to date with events and connect with new friends across New York State!


Main Chat 
Long Island

On November 19, 2017, the “NYC Furry Community” chat on Furry Amino was created by Thunder. It later became known as the “New York / NYC Furry Community” after it was discovered that there was an overwhelming amount of New Yorkers on the app that were outside the city. This was the beginning, as more and more people received invites to the chat. Thunder realized that finding furries in NY/NYC was no easy task, so that’s when the idea for a website came about. Furries are spread across every type of social media imaginable. Hence why the site goal and our group’s purpose is to UNITE the fandom and attempt to integrate furs from different social media platforms in hopes of better connecting the community. When Thunder discovered the large NY fur count on telegram, this website became less of a dream and more of a VISION. Made possible by the furries of NY for the sake of everyone.

For those who wish to mix n’ mingle IRL, there are a number of ways to get started! You can connect to individuals through any of the social media sites or apps that the community is connected to. Anyone can plan an event, or even just plan something with a small group! However, for those looking to get an extra taste of what the community has to offer, larger events are indeed hosted! Be sure to frequently check meetup and the telegram channels as well!

For all the gamers out there, we have three primary groups on Steam, Xbox, and Playstation. Be sure to join em!

NY / NYC Furry Community
New York Furries (2015) Steam Group
Buffalo Furs Steam Group
Mini NYC Furcon

Convention Funding

In order to host the first-ever furry convention in New York City, we need to save money! This con will be funded entirely by the NYC furs, for the NYC furs. Until the convention becomes better established, we will need to rely on out of pocket donations. 

In the future, it is likely that this could be fulfilled by ticket payments.

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New York Anthro Alliance

What is the “New York Anthro Alliance”?

The NYAA is a non-profit organization built for the sake of connecting the members of the Furry fandom located in the state of NY.